About Me

My name is CJ Del Balso and I am blessed to be a teacher and coach. I have worked in the field of education since 2001 and have been privileged to serve in a wide range of school environments. This experience includes working as a classroom teacher, private school administrator and coaching a variety of sports along the way including my current role as a high school physical education teacher and head strength & conditioning/Olympic weightlifting coach. In addition, I am actively involved with an organization called Coaches of Influence which serves as a Christian outreach for athletic coaches to gather in small groups for fellowship and prayer support.

I am passionate about the opportunity that we as educators, coaches and mentors have to help young people develop the character, knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in today's world. My objective with this blog is to share insights I have gained over the years that may be helpful in maximizing the overall development of the individuals under your care and leadership.  Whether you are a teacher, coach or administrator, my hope is that this blog will provide you with some valuable ideas to implement within your particular circle of influence. Thanks for checking out my blog and God Bless!

CJ Del Balso ~ MS, CSCS, USAW International Coach